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Ultramatic: The largest selection of adjustable beds in Canada.

Improve Your Sleep. Elevate Your Life.

Over 17,392 Happy Customers. Here are what others are saying.

“My eight hours of sleep now gives me more energy for so many daily activities. Most importantly, I awake each morning without any signs of back pain. The massage feature helps me to relax my legs and shoulders. Thanks so much for helping me see the importance of an Ultramatic bed for good night’s rest”

– Robert Johnson, Hamilton, ON

“Because I can adjust the head of the bed I no longer have any chest discomfort. I sleep really well. Also, by having the foot of the bed raised at night, the swelling in my legs and feet is greatly reduced. I can walk a lot more easily now.”

– Shirley H., Seeley’s Bay, ON

“I have suffered for years from lower back pain and spasms due to a vertebra injury. For years I sought medical and chiropractic help but to no avail. Since purchasing the Ultramatic single bed, I sleep with more comfort and reduced muscle spasms in the morning. When I feel achy after work, I just lay in my bed, elevate both legs and head, read my book or watch TV, with the massage on, and within 1/2 hour my body starts to feel relief from the spasms and aches.”

– Leeson T., Merritt, BC

“I have sleep apnea and the elevated position of the bed makes it easier to sleep. I also elevate my legs as this helps with circulation.”

– Marvin N., Eatonia, SK

“I have a breathing problem and was sleeping on three pillows which did very little to alleviate the problem. Now, with my head elevated, I am having no problems breathing. What a relief!”

– Aaldrik A., Shag Harbour, NS

“I broke my right hip which then led to Sciatica. I needed to be in bed to rest my hip but lying in bed on my back was terrible for my Sciatica. You rushed my new Ultramatic bed to my home. It was beautiful and so well made. My daughter made the bed up for me; she was impressed with the quality of the mattress. I have not had a recurrence of Sciatica since I have slept in this bed.”

– Audrey Z., Edmonton, AB

“When I come home from work, often my knees, legs, ankles and feet are very tired and aching. I lie down on my bed, put the vibrators on, elevate my feet and head and read while the vibrators do their magic. Little did I believe that a bed could or would make so much difference in my life.”

– Patricia M., Lennoxville, QC

“What an investment and invention! I have severe sleep apnea plus leg circulation problems. I must say, that all I do is elevate the left and turn on the massager and BINGO! I wake up surprisingly, in the same position and rested.”

– Catherine D., Ottawa, ON

“I am an asthmatic with arthritis, I am very pleased with the range of features my Ultramatic bed gives me to ease these conditions during rest.”

– Kenneth, Winnipeg, MB

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